Author Topic: overheating problems with aftermarket turbo  (Read 3667 times)

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overheating problems with aftermarket turbo
« on: July 04, 2016, 08:06:30 AM »
I have had my Toyota landcruiser hzj75 Ute with aftermarket turbo (garret turbo) for 6 years now always had an overheating problem over the years  but getting worst as time went by and spent lot of dollars trying to resolve the problem. I could only do 100km/hr. unloaded, any load 95km/hr.  and put a trailer behind 85km/hr. overheating problems but at 80km/ would run all day up and down hills all day.
First thought was turbo pyro temp to high at running 9lb boost checked only 680’
Then thought  bigger radiator so replace original with a 4 core radiator with bigger top and bottom tanks still had overheating .
Changed thermostat still overheating
Changed water pump still overheating
Dyno tuned still over heating   
Look at compression ratio still overheating
Changed thermo fan still overheating
Motor head check still overheating (by this time thought I might need my head check as well)
Was talking to a mechanic over in the western Aussie about this and he had owned a few Toyota’s with aftermarket turbo on them also fixed a few with the same problem and he reckon it was the thermo fan, (but I just put a new thermo hub on so it couldn’t be) anyhow got the original thermo hub clean it all up and pull it part and replaced the silicone gen inside installed back onto the truck and took for a drive what would you know no overheating.
On testing could sit on 140km/hr. no overheating so hooked up the boat and went for a drive up in the hills no overheating. Could not believe a simple thing like the thermo fan hub not working properly would cause this and the new one that I installed was faulty as well.
On driving back to Qld with truck fully loaded and boat fully loaded as well crossing the Nullarbor plains had no problems sitting on 110 km/hr.  Easily. even in the head winds.
I hope this story helps a couple of people out so they don’t have to occur the expenses and the frustration that I went though.