Author Topic: Splicing Dyneema SK-75 (synthetic) winch rope  (Read 3746 times)

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Splicing Dyneema SK-75 (synthetic) winch rope
« on: June 29, 2012, 07:45:55 PM »
Yes I know, I've always been a supporter of the steel winch cable and I still stand by all my previous arguments.

However, after putting a slight kink in my winch rope the other weekend on a long recovery of a front wheel drive hilux, I'm going to replace the steel with synthetic and see how it goes.  :-\

Managed to get 30m of 10mm Dyneema SK-75 for $160 delivered. At that price it was a simple decision to give it a go.

Also am going to keep the roller fairlead, but go with poly rollers. Read a few tests now where people have tried to "pinch" the rope in a roller fairlead without success and also many testimonials where people simply swap between steel and rope on the same steel roller fairleads without any problems. One more point is that I have also noted some concern about the heat generated in the hawse type fairleads with long term continued use.

I'm sure there are a lot of opinions out there so I guess time will tell. For some reason I seem to do a lot of winching  ???

Now, back on topic

One benefit of using rope is that it can be joined if it breaks. Sounds good, but has anyone ever done it or even seen it done?

Below I have put a couple of youtube videos that show just that.

Hope you find them interesting although the presenter isn't the most dynamic person in the world, I found the information quite good.

End for end splice

How to replace the thimble and eye splice

Brummel Splice

How to create a locked brummel using only 1 end of the line
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