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Christmas In July 2020 ( Covid-19 )
« on: August 01, 2020, 11:52:07 AM »

Christmas in July for 2020 was different to our normal Christmas in July celebrations. This year it became a camping weekend at the Spring's 4x4 park. But all that attended had a great time with lots of laughs and stories around the fire.

This weekend we had Robyn, Darrly, Jill, David, Julie, Hayley, Scott, Glenn, Toni, Chris, Quinton, Sam, Brad. Jessie, Anita, Michael, Hudson, William, Kelli, Daynan, and myself. Most of the crew role in on Friday afternoon with Glenn, Kelli and Daynan showing up on Saturday, On Friday and Saturday night we had Jeanette and Neil come and sit around the fire.

On Friday night we all sat around the fire commenting how good it was to be out again enjoy each other's company. We had a few minutes of missy rain on Friday night but that was about it. On Saturday morning we woke to overcast morning and after breakfast, we went for a drive around the park and the play area then back to camp for lunch.

After Lunch and few slices of pizza made by Robyn, Jill, Darrly, and David we went out for another drive with Scott giving his new cruiser a good work out. Darryl and I got plenty of firewood for the night as a few of us were cooking a camp oven roast for dinner. We had a few light showers of rain during the night.

On Sunday morning we woke to light showers of rain we packed up and headed home.

Thank you to Caroline and Neil our host from the  Springs 4x4 park.               
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