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Bellthorpe National park night run
« on: November 09, 2015, 09:35:04 PM »

We meet up at the Woodford Pub, for dinner before heading out to Bellthorpe National park. The meals were your traditional pub meal ( huge ) worth stop in for a meal, if your in the area.

We had Neil, Jeanette, Jay, Wombat, Graeme, Fiona, Ben, Mel and Ian attending this trip with a total of 6 vehicles. We left the Woodford pub and headed down to Stoney creek Rd, to the day area on Branch creek Rd to air down.

After airing down we headed up Branch creek Rd through the rain forest, we turned on the dog loop Rd though bollard creek, then back out onto branch creek Rd then turned back onto Bellthorpe Rd.

After turning onto Bellthorpe Rd Graeme and Fiona had driver change. We drove along Bellthorpe Rd then turned onto Beacon Rd, and headed to the lookout to see the lights of the town of Kilcoy. When everyone had stretched their legs we got back into our vehicles, and on the way back from the lookout we took one of the tracks, that spur of Beacon Rd.

We headed down this track the further we went, the track became whiney and the bush started to inclose the track, we keep going down the slope then as I was heading across a creek, I got stuck on rocks. Ian and I had a look to see were the track went before getting my vehicle unstuck, the track was rutted up and unusable.

So everyone had to revserve up to a small area, to do backwards and forwards turn to drive back up the slope. After getting everyone turned around, Ian, Ben Fiona and Janette help with a lot of road building, to get my car out of the the creek, by going forward then doing plenty of backwards and forwards turns, then back across the creek and up the slope.

We headed back up the track onto Beacon Rd then onto Belltorpe Rd, after passing Carrs old saw mill we took the road to Kilcoy. Heading through the rain forest again we came out onto Mt Kilcoy Rd, were we aired up our tyres at 1.30am said our goodbyes and headed home. With all the storms and rain the South east Queenslandhas had, the tracks were quite dry.

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Re: Bellthorpe National park night run
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2015, 12:47:48 PM »
Yep, that's how it went. Thanks again Tom I had a great night wheelin'.
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