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Motley Desert Adventure 2010
« on: November 01, 2010, 07:40:39 PM »
Seeing as though we lost the original in the great website crash of 2010, here's a copy of the trip report i did on another fourm.
The Motley Crew 4wd club had the Simpson Desert as it's big trip away this year, i was taking my family along for the ride aswell as another mate taking his family, and then another 4 vehicles comprising of just husbands and wives and one final vehicle comprising of 2 mates who were lucky enough to leave their partners behind for 3 weeks :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol: so all up it was 7 vehicles making our 3 week trip away from Brizvegas out West then back home again.
Day 1 :-
7.30 a.m was the meet up time at The Calamvale Hotel carpark for everyone, we arrived on time but didn't have quite the same action packed trip there as one of our other crew did. rule #1 make sure your roof pod is securely locked shut :wink: Rick and Bronny found this out the hard way and lost their sleeping tent aswell as their shower / toilet tent off of the roof whilst travelling at 100 kph down the freeway on the way to the carpark meet up :oops: the tent was found but some poles were missing, and after much frantic searching along the side of the freeway they had to give up looking. After everyone had met at the pub it was time to head off to Toowoomba where Rick and Bronny had a date with a camping store to buy a new tent. Tuning the car radio to Toowoomba's local station as we entered town i heard them say it was a chilly 5 degrees in town, which on exiting my vehicle at the camping store carpark i agreed with fully, abit nippy for a born and bred Brisbane well it was just a taste of the cold temps to be expected out west along the way. Leaving Toowoomba we headed off to Oakey for our morning tea point which was the Aviation Museum at the Oakey Army Base. Whilst it doesn't look all that big from the outside, it was quite surprising how many planes and helicopters they had on display in there, well worth a look. From here it was on to Moonie via Dalby for a quick lunch stop, before making our way to St. George for our 1st nights stop over. Our camp site would be down on the banks of the river, a great free camp spot about 300 - 400 mtrs downstream from the weir wall. Be sure to get atleast this far away from the weir wall, as the clanging of vehicles crossing over it gets quite loud at night, even when your as far down stream as we were. I pity the guy camped just below it in his caravan, it would have been a noisey nights sleep for him for sure.



Day 2:-
We were up early and greeted with a spectacular sunrise over the weir wall

We packed up camp and headed into town to wait for those who forgot to fuel up the arvo previous.
It was here we saw something we don't get to see back home, a roo shooter returning from his night out hunting.


From St George we headed off towards Thargomindah where our next nights stop over would be, along the way stopping at Cunnamulla for lunch. A lovely female police officer just out of town made half our crew stop and do random breath tests and license checks. This would be twice in 2 days for Glen having to do a RBT as he was also checked the previous night in St. i seriously can't remember when i last had to do a RBT back home in Brisbane it had been so long.



JUST EAST OF THARGOMINDAH (i'm sure plenty of you have seen it without water, how many have seen it with water?)

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Motley Desert Adventure 2010
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2010, 07:41:34 PM »
Day 3:-
Today we were headed for Cameron Corner where the states of Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia all meet up. Our first stop for the day was at the Noccundra Hotel, a fantastic looking stone building which i had visited atleast 10 years ago previously, but could never remember where it was, i could always pictre the building, but never remembered where it was that i visited it :oops:


Todays lunch stop was a creek in the middle of nowhere we found that still had some water in it, it truely was great seeing how green everything was out West aswell as all the water still that was about.


Between Noccundra and Cameron Corner we encounted several detours around water that was blocking the road, the first wasn't really signed at all, but the next couple were, the signs definately helped take the guess work

DO WE GO THROUGH THAT OR LOOK FOR ANOTHER TRACK? (we found a detour which wasn't signed)



ABOUT ALL THERE IS AT CAMERON CORNER :wink: (diesel fuel $2.00 / ltr here)

Day 4:-
Today we were headed for Lyndhurst, though if i had my time again i'd have made it a stop over at Farina instead, oh well you live and learn.


It wasn't long and the kids were able to stretch their legs at our first stop for the day



As i said earlier, it was great seeing all the water about, everywhere we drove there was still some to be seen


We made good time this morning and had an early lunch at the Monte Collina Bore due to a short cut the publican at Cameron Cnr told us about. The instructions we were given was to look out for the red mudguard hanging off a tree, this ended up belonging to a motorbike and could easily have been missed, i think it cut something like 40 odd klms off of our trip to Monte Collina. The short cut track was like all roads we had travelled so far, in very good condition and made for easy going





Tonight was our turn to cook dinner for everyone :cry: we had made a plan where by every couple only had to cook dinner twice on the entire trip, the only thing was you had to do it for everyone. The unfortunate thing for us was that this was probably the best sunset we saw on the entire trip, and we couldn't go to a better location to photograph it as we were busy cooking dinner for everyone, oh well atleast it meant we only had one more dinner to cook.


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Just a heads up...Jeff has changed his signature due to being foolish enough to leave his account logged on when he borrowed my phone.
I preferred his signature i'd written there myself before he changed
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Motley Desert Adventure 2010
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2010, 07:42:30 PM »
Day 5:-
Today we were headed for Halligan Bay on the shoreline of Lake Eyre, the big question we were all wondering was..... just how much if any water would we be able to see? Leaving Lyndhurst and only a few minutes out of town we spot some horses roaming free off to the side of the road. Add these to list of other animals spotted so far (ie:- lots of emus and wild goats aswell as the very occassional roo) and the kids were loving it.


Not much further up the road and we stopped at The Lyndhurst Ochre Quarry, a site of significance to the local aboriginal people of the area. The colours in the ground were spectacular, and it wasn't hard to realise why the aboriginal people had chosen to use this site to collect ochre from.


Back on the road and we were headed for the Farina ruins, like i said previous, had we of known what was here before our trip, we would have made this our overnight stop rather then Lyndhurst. Farina isn't just a single building standing in the middle of nowhere going to ruins, it's a whole township complete with cemetery aswell. Farina has a campsite to stay at which has flushing toilets aswell as a shower that has hotwater available through the use of a "Donkey". Tours are available to be done here and there is even old shearers quarters you can stay at, we will definately be back here one day for a couple of nights stop over.



By now we were quite a few hours behind our planned schedule, as we only allowed for a short stop at Farina, instead we were there for a few Back on the road and next stop was a quick one at Marree where we grabbed some supplies from the shop and made our way towards Lake Eyre South lookout for our days intended lunch stop.



About 10 - 15 klms South of the lookout we had our first sight of water and it was everywhere, little were we to know this was a much better veiwpoint to stop and have lunch at then our destination abit further up the road. We continued on and had lunch at the lookout, whilst we could still see the water from here, the previous location earlier was a much much better view, water to be seen everywhere and fairly close by vrs water to be seen to the right of us and abit of a distance away.


After lunch we were back on the road and headed for our nights campspot at Halligan Bay, tonight was game 2 of State of Origin and our original plan was to watch the game via a satellite dish that was bought along and viewed on a laptop, only problem was someone forgot to bring a vital lead required to do the viewing :evil: Along the way we stopped at Curdimurka Railway siding for a look around, it's in great condition and well worth the stop for a look and see.


We arrived at Halligan Bay just before 5.00 P.M and it was blowing a gale, we also weren't real impressed with the campsites, not alot of flat ground to erect tents on for any large groups. Whilst there was alot of effort put in by Nat. Parks with day use shelters and toilets etc, they really need to flatten the ground out here for peoples camping with tents, camper trailers and the like would be fine though as you can level them up.

HALLIGAN BAY / LAKE EYRE (so much water here it was like being at the beach)

It was at this time Rick noticed his vehicle had developed a leak in his brand new longrange fuel tank, the road into Halligan Bay was badly corrogated for the last 10 - 15 klms and we believe this did the damage. A quick look under the vehicle and we realised the fuel tank would need to be removed for us to gain access to where the leak was coming from. Not wanting to remove the tank at such a late stage in the evening, a quick vote was taken and we decided we weren't all that happy with the wind and uneven campsites so we made a late dash back to William Creek to camp for the night, atleast here fuel was available in the morning and we'd get to watch Origin 8) . Camp was made, dinner was had and i made it across the road in time to have only missed the first 45 seconds of the game, it was glorious being in the company of a few NSW supporters as Qld went on to smash the roaches into a 5th straight series win 8) 8) 8) 8) . Whilst we were having dinner earlier, it was decided Coober Pedy would be the best place to fix the leaking fuel tank, Ricks tank was drained of all but about 20ltrs of fuel and stored in jerry cans so he could top his vehicle up along the way as need be.

Day 6:-
A bit of a lazy start to the day today which made a pleasent change, Rick and Bronny were headed off to Coober Pedy to get their fuel tank fixed, whilst Wombat and Neil accompanied them to make sure they got there safely, the rest of us waited around at William Creek till after lunch as 2 couples were having a scenic flight over Lake Eyre in an aeroplane. Lunchtime came and we had a meal at the pub, it tasted great and i'd reccomend them anytime to anyone.

NO IT'S NOT MY CRUISER (camped at William Creek also)

A walk over to the place where the flight was leaving from found our 2 couples were still waiting for their flight, their plane had developed problems and a new plane was being brought in to now do the flight :roll: :evil: They told us to head off to Coober Pedy and would join us later, which we didn't see a problem with as they weren't alone and would be travelling together. The trip to Coober Pedy wasn't as uneventful as we'd have hoped for, just past the turn off to Anna Station our youngest threw up all over herself in the back seat....i thought she'd drunk to much apple juice back at William Creek :roll: Oh well it wasn't to bad and a quick roadside change of clothes had us on our way again. Before long we were in Coober Pedy and catching up with Rick and the rest of the crew who'd left us earlier in the day to see how the repair was going. Good and bad news here.... they'd found someone to fix the tank, but they couldn't do it until tomorrow, other places were booked up for a couple of days, so there was no choice but to wait and get it done Friday. Luckily we had planned half of tomorrow to look around Coober Pedy anyway. We made our way to our campground for the night, it was to be underground camping at Riba's. We checked in and took our matresses and sleeping bags underground, we didn't bother with the tent as we didn't need it and i couldn't be bothered setting it up.


By now the other 2 missing couples had joined us and we decided to go explore Coober Pedy a little. Hitting the bitumin of Coober Pedy and turning right i thought i heard a funny noise coming from the vehicle, but continuing on straight down the road i heard nothing. Driving further around town i turned right and heard the noise again, what can it be? Continuing on through the centre of town i went around the roundabout and heard the noise again and saw a guy on the footpath look at my vehicle as if to say..