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80L Waeco --- SOLD ---
« on: July 05, 2012, 09:55:46 PM »

Ok, up for sale is our beloved 80L Waeco fridge/freezer.

Only been to the Cape once  ;D

CoffeeCat just scored an Engel and we're thinking that 3 fridges for one car is getting a little silly so the 80 must go.

It's a Waeco CF-80AC

We're looking for $850.
RRP for these still sit at about $1,500 + $199 for the cover.

It comes with all leads (240 and 12V), Waeco transit bag (cover), internal baskets and the dividers to make it a fridge/freezer (at the same time, check the user manual).

It's been a fantastic unit and has supplied the ice cream and the cold beverages on many a trip.

With our touring setup now we are looking to just run 2 smaller fridges instead of one big one.

The 80L waeco uses the Danfoss BD50 kompressor which is the larger compressor in the range. Heaps of cooling power and therefore a little more thirsty on the power. Depending on how you run it.

Specs copied from website:
CF-80AC VERB Weight 29 kg Capacity 80 Litres, holds 103 cans Power Av. Power Consumption: 2.9 amps/hr    (@ 12V, 5°C fridge, -15°C (approx.) freezer, 32°C ambient temperature) Voltage 12/24V DC + 240V AC Temperature Range Cooling capacity up to 50°C below ambient Warranty 5 years warranty on the kompressor motor, 3 years on everything Other - 50mm solid polyurethane foam - German made Danfoss BD-50F Kompressor - 3 temperature sections make it easy and convenient - Standard interior light for a clear view in the dark - Strong handle for lifting and tie-down points FREEZER, FRIDGE, DAIRYWith the CF-80 you can have all the comforts and convenience of your household refrigerator/freezer in your family's vehicle, or whilst camping or fishing. Separate refrigerator, freezer and dairy compartments make it easy!More than a temperature indicator The WAECO CF-80 digital readout is more than a temperature indicator. It is an integrated electronic digital control and temperature reading. Just set the freezer to the desired temperature and then view your actual freezer temperature on the digital display. And no replaceable batteries to bother about. WAECO has fully integrated the power requirements of your digital display for a smarter solution.The huge CoolFreeze CF-80, just like all other CF appliances, offers normal refrigeration and deep-freezing as well as the CF special electronics with valuable extra functions. And now wih the convenience of 240 V AC built-in.

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