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Motley Crew Trips / Re: Carp\Tilapia Eradication Fishing weekend
« Last post by Mick on Yesterday at 04:21:38 PM »
Going to have to cancel this trip (not that anyone was going anyways lol) have the man flu so I won't be up to going.
General Meetings / April General Monthly Meeting
« Last post by Hangman on Yesterday at 03:43:29 PM »
The April Monthly Meeting will be held Wednesday, 18 April 2018, at Moorooka Sports and Community Club, Koala Street , Moorooka.

Monthly Meetings will now occur the 3rd Wednesday of the month to coincide with meals being available at this time.

The meeting will start at 7.30 pm.  All Welcome

Minutes of the previous meeting will be posted within the minutes section of the forum.

The Motley Crew 4WD & Social Club General Monthly Meeting Agenda

President's Welcome

Previous Minutes

Business Arising

Secretary’s report

Treasurer’s Report

Trip Convenor’s Report

General Business

New Members


Raffle Draw

Next General Meeting

Merchandise will be available at meeting.

Good value Meals are available at the venue.
Motley Crew Trips / Re: Carp\Tilapia Eradication Fishing weekend
« Last post by boxxy on March 20, 2018, 07:59:26 PM »
Was going to go Mick but now have to pick up van sometime Saturday, they have gone over the time promised with the repairs (was supposed to pick up last Saturday)

Motley Crew Trips / Re: Carp\Tilapia Eradication Fishing weekend
« Last post by Mick on March 19, 2018, 08:33:45 PM »
Trip Reports / Re: Inskip Weekend March 2018
« Last post by Hangman on March 14, 2018, 08:28:44 PM »
i can't access the photos

Sorry mate Fixed
Trip Reports / Re: Inskip Weekend March 2018
« Last post by boxxy on March 14, 2018, 06:50:57 PM »
i can't access the photos
Trip Reports / Re: Inskip Weekend March 2018
« Last post by Goanna on March 14, 2018, 04:59:46 PM »
Ha Ha!!!  Ian was just stirring me up :D
Truth is I've seen more than enough Mudlo Rock disaster videos, to steer well clear of that place.
Trip Reports / Re: Inskip Weekend March 2018
« Last post by Pig dog on March 14, 2018, 04:33:14 PM »
I think Andrew needs to see the footage of Mudlo rocks and how it can go so wrong.
Trip Reports / Re: Inskip Weekend March 2018
« Last post by Goanna on March 14, 2018, 10:02:43 AM »
Another great trip, thanks Ian.
And good write-up too; mostly truthful.
Trip Reports / Inskip Weekend March 2018
« Last post by Hangman on March 13, 2018, 08:16:26 PM »
Inskip Weekend 10/11 March 2018

Trip Leader: Hangman

Attendees: Goanna

Saturday 10 March

The low tide today was at 9.13am so the meet up was at Noosa North Shore Ferry at 8am. I left home at 6.30am it was overcast and showers were predicted for the week end. By the time I was at Caloundra turn off it was drizzling. I arrived at the ferry at 7.45am having a good run from Redcliffe. Andrew was close behind having got caught in traffic from an accident on the highway at Caboolture.

By now the drizzle was more rain. The ferry is now $7 one way. We headed over to the small caravan park kiosk I was hoping to get a hot takeaway for breakfast but they only had cold drinks and ice creams. So, we head out to the third cutting to air down before dropping onto the beach for our run north. The rain had made the sand firm but there were a few wash outs along the beach. It was an easy run to Red Canyon where we stopped for a look. The rain had stopped by now.

After a walk through the canyon we continued along the beach to Leisha Track at Double Island Point. There were a few narrow sections of beach which were chopped up. Despite the weather there were a few people still around and a few fishing. Brisbane 4WD Club had a group camped on Teewah Beach. It would have been very windy along here.  The last time I was along here the Cherry Venture wreck was still here. It is all gone now and just a blip on the GPS.

After crossing Leisha track was drove along Rainbow Beach to Middle Rocks but it was now close to 12 noon. High tide was at 2.36pm and the water here was already running into the rocks here so we turned around and when back to Double Island Point northern side.

Andrew had swim in the lagoon. There were a few people here to get away from the wind and enjoy the break in the rain showers. After a quick bite the decision was made to head to Rainbow Beach via Freshwater Track and have lunch at the surf club.

It was a quick run back to Freshwater Track and head over to Rainbow Beach. They are currently working on the track and it is very smooth. We came across some young blokes who had managed to break a Patrol, it had no rear drive and was struggling to move forward with the front axle. They were taking it through to Rainbow Beach to be tilt trayed home. Once through the track we aired up a little and drove into town to the surf club.

A beer and pizza was done for lunch, a call home while we had service and we grabbed a few supplies for dinner tonight. Andrew got some local prawns which I will mention shortly. We headed from the surf club down to the beach to have a look at Mudlo Rocks.

By now it was 3pm and the tide was up. There were a group of Sunnie Coast people waiting on the beach to get through the rocks. I told them the next low was at 8.34pm tonight. Oh, they thought it was only an hour or so to low tide. The water was well up on the rocks.

Time to head out to camp at Inskip Recreational Reserve. We decided on the Beagle camp area and set up for the night under the She Oaks. There were a few camped here but it was a good spot. A short walk to the beach where we had a swim. Fraser Island being just across the water. After our swim fire started it was time to eat some prawns and have a beer or two. Thanks Andrew the prawns were delicious. 

After dinner it was a few quiet beers before calling it quits. There were stars with a few clouds overhead so we settled in for a good night sleep. By midnight it was raining again with some heavy showers. The rain continued overnight and it was still drizzling at 6.30am when I got up. I was dry under my awning while Andrew had a few drips inside his swag.

Sunday 11 March
After breakfast we packed up and head out to Inskip Point for Andrew to have a look at the infamous sand stretch to the barge. There were a few headed over to Fraser Isle already because low tide today was at 10.31am.

We then headed back to Rainbow Beach to have another look at Mudlo Rocks. It was now 9.30am when we got down on the beach. The rocks where exposed with sets of waves running into the rocks. A well-timed run would be possible and we saw 2 utes get through. The first carefully, the other recklessly. I was not enthusiastic about running the waves, we have a Simpson trip later this year. I think Andrew was considering having a go but I reminded him about the simpson trip.

So, we headed back to Freshwater Track and drove out to Teewah Beach to continue our run home. We did stop at Freshwater Lake for a look. It is a perched fresh water lake like Ocean Lake at Fraser Isle. Andrew had a quick swim before we headed back to our vehicles. Once on the beach it was a good run back to the ferry. We got back to Cooroy by 1pm so we grabbed a pie here and said our goodbyes after enjoying lunch.

Overall it was a good weekend with some rain periods but the wind was quite gusty and had chopped up the beach and surf. Inskip is a great spot to camp overnight. Thanks to Andrew for his company and I hope we can do this again sometime.


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