Author Topic: Scenic Rim 4wd Adventure Park - Queens Birthday Long Weekend 29th Sep to 1st Oct  (Read 2036 times)

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Kris and Vicki
Boxxy and Bron
Wombat and Jay
Peter and Jayne

The Trip

We all met up at Beaudesert at 9am Saturday and headed south to Innisplain. The drive into the park was really nice and expectations were high. Once at the park we signed in and paid our moneys and were having a briefing on the park in the in the visitors office when someone pointed out a snake.... hanging off a rafter directly above boxxy.... I think the incredible flash would have been impressed with the speed that Boxxy displayed in existing the office.

As Boxxy was towing his new mansion on wheels we took the back entrance to the camp ground on the advice of the owners. To the surprise of all (including the park owners) Boxxy towed is van up some steep rough tracks to make it to the main camp ground (Upon inspection of the main track in I wouldn't have wanted to tow a camper up that track!!!!!!!!).

We set up camp and went for a bit of a drive around the park. There are very few established track due the park only being there for a few months however we enjoyed our little explore. Saturday night was spent under the awning of Boxxy's van sitting around the fire while the light showers passed.

On Sunday morning Peter and Jayne left us as they had family to collect in Tin Can bay and the rest of us made the decision to up camp and shift to Canungra show grounds. We enjoyed watching the Grand Final at the pub (Except for Jay) and had a great meal. We also cam across Willow and his clan camping out there as well.

To be honest while the intention of the park owners is good the park is along way from being the club/family friendly place that they are pushing for. In terms of camping facilities it is lacking and is difficult to find a grassy spot. It is ideal for a daytrip and in a few years it will be a great weekend getaway.

Overall it was a good weekend. Welcome Peter and Jayne who traveled from Dalby to attend this trip - hope to see you out and about again with the club.

Photos to follow.