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Gary's 60th Birthday
« on: November 13, 2019, 02:37:17 PM »
Gary's 60th Birthday 9/10 November 2019

Imbil Camping Retreat, Imbil.

Trip Leader: Ian(Hangman)

Attendees: Gary & May, Quinton & Sam, Tom,  Daryl & Robyn, Dan & Kaylene, Greg & Terrina, Glenn, Dom & Shontel, Scott, Julie & Hayley, David & Jill, Keith & Keryle, Merv, Anita & family, Simon & Shauna

I left Redcliffe at 7pm and travelled north to Imbil arriving at 8.30pm. Most of the group were already set up and having a few beers. SE Qld is currently very dry and a total fire ban was in place, so we did not have a fire. This is our first time at this camp ground. It was Gary's request to doing some water activity and do a drive at some stage over the weekend. The camp ground is on the edge of town on Yabba Creek. There is a great water hole here for canoeing and swimming. The camp ground has powered sites and is dog friendly.

I set up my swag and settled to have a few quiet beers. By 10pm the owners came around reminding every one to keep the noise down so some went to bed while others did a few tequila shots to get the week end started. We finished up at 12.30pm slowly peeling off one by one. The rest of the camp ground was very quiet.

I arose at 8am when I got a call from home. “Hello dear, yes, I feel great”, not. It was a very quiet night and I had a great sleep, others heard snoring but it is a camp ground.  After breakfast, I suggested we do some water activities this morning then a drive in the afternoon. Unfortunately HQ Plantations had closed forestry areas due to the high fire danger so the drive would be to Pomona to check out the show grounds as a possible venue for Aust Day 2020. So a few had gone into town, Scott, Hayley, Gary and May went canoeing, others just relaxed in the shade of a large fig tree. It was very windy and smokey by now.

Tom and I ventured into town at lunch for a pie which was very good. After lunch we drove to Pomona to check out the show grounds then drove onto Boreen Point and Elanda Point. It was very smokey here due to fires on Teewah. The show grounds are very well kept but lack shade. Boreen Point will be too crowded and Elanda Point is now very up market. Oh well, it was worth the look.

Back at camp, a few had gone swimming, May and co set for the night's party, Gary and I went canoeing up Yabba Creek to beyond the rail bridge then down to the weir to have a look. When we were getting back into the canoes Gary pushes off the bank and leaves his paddle on the bank. While the current draws him towards the weir Gary flounders trying to paddle with his hands. There is a fine here mate, birthday or not. I retrieved his paddle and Gary saved himself paddling back safely to shore. By now the party had started so we showered and shaved, opened a beer and joined the others.

May had catered for the evening, so we all had plenty to eat, great potato salad May. Thanks to Tom and Q for cooking. There was plenty of delicious cake and a power point presentation to celebrate Gary's 60th. We settled in for a few quiet drinks to finish the night at 10.30pm.

Sunday morning was here already, so we gradually started to pack up. We had organised to do the 1kg donut challenge at the Kenilworth Bakery at 10am. Some members including Gary & May were staying another night or two. Most of us gradually packed up heading out to Kenilworth at 10am. There were 3 boys doing the challenge solo, Dan, Brad and Quinton while there was a boy team and a girl team of 4 members each. The boys started first with Brad being the solo survivor finishing in 24:02. Well done mate, I felt your pain.

The girls team, Kaylene, Sam, Hayley and Jess narrowly beat the boys team Scott, Dom, Oliver and Ian with at time of 2:59 beating the boys by 10 seconds. It was an epic battle and a well deserved win by the girls. From here we headed home.

Well, Happy Birthday Gary. I hope you have some memories to share because it was certainly a great week end despite not being able to go for a drive and the windy smokey air. The camp ground is a great spot for a future destination. By the way there are plenty of pictures on Facebook, check them out.

Ian Lynch
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Re: Gary's 60th Birthday
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2019, 08:08:05 PM »
Thanks Ian. Sorry I've just jumped on here and saw your post. It was a great weekend, I'd like to say a big thank you to all involved and who turned up, some great memories were made, and some old ones shown on projector as well, sneaky. I was up the creek without a paddle at one point lol, stupid thing is I had a strap in my car, but thank you for rescuing me :-X
Can't say thank you enough to everyone for a fantastic weekend