Author Topic: Mt Barney Wrecky Trip of Mowburra Track  (Read 2082 times)

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Mt Barney Wrecky Trip of Mowburra Track
« on: August 22, 2018, 12:02:32 PM »

We had Quinton, Daniel, Bob and myself get up to Mt Barney around 3.15pm after waiting at Rathdowney Hotel to show up the meet time was 1 pm but Quinton didn't arrive to after 2 pm. After we set up our swags Ben took us to the fire trail he wanted help with. We only took Daniels and my 4x4 to check to the condition of the track we headed down past camp Motley then up one of the tracks half way up we turned onto the fire trail.

We travelled along the track with grass growing high in the middle then into the creek with latina growing through it then I got out of my 4x4 with Ben to see what the track looked like on the overside of the track. It seemed to be a steep climb with no obstructions so we hope back into the car locked in low range then up we went around the halfway point of the climb we came to a section of 30 meters that had loose rocks and soft dirt with little grip but we made it through and climb to the top and drove along the ridge with views back to White Swamp.

We drove to an area that Ben wanted to make a turnaround spot so Quinton, Bob, Ben and myself cleared away the tree branches and rocks in the area while Daniel got out his wiper sniper and cleared a path to turnaround. It was starting to get late so we headed back down the track to camp and found Bronny, Boxxy and Matty (Boxxy's Grandson) had arrived.

Time for some adult drinks stories and laughs. Unfortunately, there was a total fire band on so no fire this weekend and it felt strange to be at Mt Barney and not to be able to sit around the fire pit. Around 8.30 pm Quinton and Daniel drove back down the mountain to meet Brad and Jess. The rest of us stayed at camp and chatted on some more around 10 pm Quinton, Daniel, Brad and Jess arrive back at camp so time for some more adult drinks.

Next morning we got up and had the morning kick-starter of coffee with a story from those who slept inside of loud snoring (I wonder who that was Stormin Norman). After breakfast and more kick-starter, Ian showed up. Ben decided he wanted to take his tractor and slasher to trim the grass in the middle of the track. So with chainsaws, swiper snippers and gloves ready time to clear the track.

I lead the convey to the track with Quinton following Ben and his tractor. We cleared some trees and branches along the track with Ben slashing behind us we came to the creek and I start the climb up the steep slope when I got the area with loss rocks and notice it was worst than the day before I made it up the slope. At the top, I stop and heard on the two-way Daniel was stuck on the loss rock area and was going to winch himself up with Boxxy being his winch runner.

After Daniel made it to the top we had a quick conversation with everyone over the two-ways and decided that with it being so dry we were only tearing the track up so we would only clear to the creek today. Daniel and I turn around on top of the range and heard back towards the creek to meet up with everyone. By the time we made it back to the creek, the latina was slashed and the track was clear. Time to head back to camp for lunch on the way back we drop into camp Motley so those who hadn't seen it could.

After lunch, we said our goodbyes to Daniel who had to get back to Brisbane. We headed out on the road into Ben's place to clear a few trees that not quite fallen across the road yet. We took the trailer and cut up some timber for firewood. I let Quinton use my chainsaw to cut a log and he got chainsaw envie and as he only has a 15cc chainsaw and I have a 52cc chainsaw. When we got back to camp we unloaded the timber from the trailer for when the fire band would be lifted.

Ian got out his wiper snipper and trim around the huts and sheds the rest of us sat in the sun with adult drinks and watched. After Ian had finished wiper snipping Bronny brought out a cake she had made on the Webber BBQ and I have to say it was really nice. After some more adult drinks cake and nibbles, Quinton took Boxxy, Bronny, Matty, Bob. Brad and Jess to the gorge lookout to watch the sunset. Ian and I stayed at camp to discuss with Ben about a project he would some help in the future. 

After a while, everyone came back to camp except Boxxy who found the ABC radio calling the Tigers game (not sure why they lost anyway). We all cook our selves some dinner then sat around with some more adult drinks and told stories and laugh a lot. It was something unusual for the Motleys we all were in bed by 11.45pm this never happened before on a trip usual am bedtime.

Next morning after some kick-starter coffee and breakfast and a tidy up we said our goodbyes to Ben. He was very pleased with the few things we did for him over the weekend and invited the club back anytime. We all conveyed down the mountain said our goodbyes and headed home.

P.S (The motor will seize there is a story hear ask Boxxy and Ian about it at the meeting) 

Cheers till the next trip Pigdog                                   

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Re: Mt Barney Wrecky Trip of Mowburra Track
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2018, 08:17:29 PM »
Good job mate, that's how I saw it. Was it Boxxy or Russell who said "it would seize".
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Re: Mt Barney Wrecky Trip of Mowburra Track
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2018, 09:01:21 AM »
Good job, blokes!  Sounds like you had a great w/e, and did some good deeds.
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Re: Mt Barney Wrecky Trip of Mowburra Track
« Reply #3 on: August 30, 2018, 07:23:53 PM »
Good job mate, that's how I saw it. Was it Boxxy or Russell who said "it would seize".

Definitely Boxxy, cos he was arguing with me over it lol
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