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Woodford Social Day
« on: August 15, 2017, 02:23:26 PM »
Woodford Social Day
Sunday 13 August 2017

Trip Leader: Hangman

Attendees: Scott & Pigdog, Warren & Bev, Wombat & Bad Nanna, Chuckanoo, Boxxy & Mrs Boxxy, Q & Sam

I had organized a car rally of sorts from a trip Mick and I did at last year’s Corroboree thanks to Brisbane 4WD Club. The trip was an easy run around Woodford and into the forestry tracks to the east of Woodford. I had plotted the course 4 weeks earlier and it would seem that a few times had changed since then and there was a horse endurance ride on this week end so the last bit of the course was closed by the SES.

We all met up at the Tourist Information Centre at Woodford to begin the trip. The trip was a 2 hour loop to finish back at the Woodford Pub. Warren & Bev lead off and the others followed at 10 minute intervals, Q & Sam the last to leave at 10am. Anita and I had a walk around town and headed back to the carpark to wait for the first car to arrive. By 11am Tom phoned me to say that the SES had blocked off the last part of the track. There were the second car, Warren & Bev were able to drive through here and did complete the course. So I told Tom to get the SES to send every one back to the pub.

By 12 noon everyone had returned to the carpark with wild stories of mud and recoveries and security cameras. It would seem that some were able to get lost and find the mud holes that Mick and I found when we did the course. Ooops. All in a day’s fun. Most had found the items I requested, a pine needle, a golf ball, a picture of the pump shed unfortunately the road closed sign was gone.

We adjoured to the pub for lunch having a table booked. The follow scores were as follows -

Warren & Bev (winners)………….15 points
Boxxy & Mrs Boxxy……………...11 points
Chuckanoo………………………...10 points
Q & Sam………………………..…10 points
Wombat & Bad Nanna…………….9 points
Scott & Pigdog…………………….6 points
Well done everyone, it was an enjoyable day.

Ian Lynch
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Re: Woodford Social Day
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2017, 06:11:17 PM »
Well done guys, and good write-up Ian
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Re: Woodford Social Day
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2017, 09:26:55 PM »
I'll admit it that not only did I and a few others get lost (due to misinterpretation of the directions)   :-X

 I also 'diffed' out (IE: got stuck) within a few minutes of leaving the sealed road.
Misjudged the depth of the ruts ::)

Thanks Wombat for towing us out  :)
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