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Australia Day camping weekend
« on: February 04, 2017, 03:11:35 PM »

I meant to put this up earlier but been busy at work.

For our Australia Day camping weekend we headed out to Crystal Creek Parklands at Stanmore. We had Andrew, ( axeman ) Jay and Wombat, Sandy ( Bad Nanna ), Ben and Mel Thomas ( Barpen ) and his family and myself.

We all arrived early at Crystal Creek on Australia Day and set up our camp site. After lunch and a swim in the creek we played cricket with the kids. Then we started the thong throwing contest with the best throw being 28mts then we throw a milk create with the best being 17mts. We had the kids try and bounce a soccer ball into a milk create with a lot laughs at the attempts.

On Friday  morning Andrew, Sandy, Jay, Ben, Ben's mother and myself went for a drive up through Branch creek road into Bellthorpe National park then back to camp through West Bellthorpe road. On returning to camp the coffee and sweets caravan were you get a homemade muffins, slices, biscuits, fudge, milkshakes, iced coffee, smoothies and Coffees . I had the iced coffee and found very refreshing.

On Saturday morning Sandy, Jay, Wombat and myself went into Kennelworth visiting the cheese factory were we purchased yogurt, different types of cheese and a horrible sweet chocolate mousse. On the way back to camp we drove up along Sunday road to Jimna then Kilcoy and back to camp.

On Sunday I had to leave early in the morning with everyone else slowly packing up and head home.

Crystal Creek parklands is a great camp area. You can have a fire every night with a guy coming around for you to purchase timber to burn at a good price. Every afternoon you can take the kids to the barn area and feed the animals at no charge. There is spots in the creek to swim and cool off.

I hope to take the club back there again sometime this year.