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2014 Xmas Party Break up
« on: December 11, 2014, 07:01:56 PM »
Xmas Party Trip Report 2014

Trip Leader: iananita for Committee

Attendees: Mick & Sal, Boxxy & Mrs Boxxy, Jnr Chook & Team Grandpa, Donkey & Dixie, Eastie, Pig Dog, Wombat & Jay, Cliz, Acco & Mrs, Badnana, Rob & Jane, Charlie & Mrs Charlie, Summa, DJ, Joyboy, Jeff W, Rumpig, Barpen, B2, Fletch & Liz, Jimmy T

Once again the Motley Crew was headed to Canungra Showgrounds for our annual Xmas Party, a weekend of quiet reflecting on the year’s events and a few quiet drinks with friends. It seems that we got most of that over in an hour or so then the party really got started.

We arrived Friday just after lunch and several members had already been camped since mid week. This year we were camped on the oval. Slowly during the afternoon more members arrived after finishing work. It had started to rain by 4pm and we were sitting at the Boxxy palace with added extensions listening to Pink and having a few yellows with Bronnie. By 6pm there was a sudden dash for the showers as we had booked the bus for the Canungra pub. The first bus arrived at 6.30pm and 11 Motleys boarded leaving a few stragglers behind. We were off for a pizza at the pub. It was a quiet night at the pub. The renovations had been finished in the bistro this year but it was quite hot. Most ordered pizza and were stumped by the size of them. I enjoyed a Hawaian pizza this year, just for the record. After the pub we headed back to the showgrounds. A small group of us walked back which only took 15 minutes. We sat under the kitchen veranda and had a night cap before turning in at 10pm.

Overnight there was a light drizzle but as the morning cleared it was quite saltry. The jumping castle for the kids arrived at 8.30am and amused them for several hours. We slowly got organised for the night’s activity. The girls went into town to grab the food from the bakery, IGA and other bottled beverages. By 3pm the games began. First off was the teams of 4 obstacle course which was won conclusively by the males. We then lined up the Suzikis for the Santa Sleigh pull once again won by the boys, woorah. Then came out the big toys with Team Toyota once again taking the prize, Oh What a Feeling. I was on Team Other which involved pulling a Mazada with the hand brake on still beating Team Nissan. The kids did well with their colouring comp thanks to Jay and later after the adult games in their lolly hunt. Once the jumping castle was packed away we set up for the evening and got into our costumes.

This year’s theme was Heroes and Villains. It would seem the most popular hero was Superwoman, but aren’t they all? I guess mine is just Mrs Incredible. It was a fun theme with some great costumes, the band judging Sophia (Princess) and Sam(Robin Hood) as children winners while Carl(cop) and Lianne(robber) scooped the adult prize. Glen and band kept us entertained with Livin’ next door to Boxxy, raffle prizes were mostly won by Simon and the various Motley awards were as follows-

Daniel Lightfoot Award ……………DJ
Biggest Stirrer……………...............Donkey
My Kitchen Disaster Award……….Mrs Boxxy
Having a Laugh Award………........Mick
Christopher Columbus Award……..Cliz 
Tow Mater Award…………………Jeff W
The biggest award for the night went to most deserving Motley, Member of the Year was awarded to Jeanette. Congrats Jnr Chook.
The band played well into the evening wrapping up with some Chisel.

Sunday morning dawn and there were some heavy heads but a recovery brekkie was underway with Darren, Fletch and Rob cooking up a storm of sausages, bacon and eggs. The evening’s events were discussed and it was decided that we need to do it all again next year; it was a very successful evening. After breakfast we held the AGM which I will leave for another time. By 1 o’clock we had finished the meeting, were packed up and heading for home. This rounded off the Motley year for me as I do not take Xmas leave. Thanks to all involved it was a great weekend.

Have a Merry Xmas Motleys, stay safe and bring on 2015. 

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Re: 2014 Xmas Party Break up
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2015, 08:56:05 PM »
Im aiming for biggest stirrer award again for 2015 so look out peoples... ;D :D :-X :))