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2014 Corroboree
« on: October 08, 2014, 02:59:30 PM »
2014 Corroboree
Landcruiser Mountain Park
4/5/6 October 2014

Attendees: Boxxy, iananita

Saturday 4 October

Having to work Saturday morning, I was a late arrival to LCMP. After checking in at the office at 2.30pm I headed over to the stage of the ARB Expo site where the country meeting of 4WD Qld was under way. This is the first time I had been to LCMP and was impressed with the large facilities that was here. We where camped in the ARB Expo site. The camp oven meal that was offered on the Saturday night was well under way in preparation just behind the stage. There were about 200 people at the meeting with 17 clubs being represented. Boxxy gave a Corroboree 2015 report which stirred the crowd. Many clubs expressing support for the event next year. The 4WD Qld committee has some new ideas which will be worked out over the next months. After the meeting concluded I needed to follow the Boxxy’s back to camp and set up.

Rick + Bronnie had their caravan parked on the side of the hill and had been able to find a relative flat spot for me to set up my swag. Flat ground was a bit hard to find but any where flat with trees had swooping magpies. We had plenty of room with our closest neighbours from Wide Bay 4WD club and River City 4WD clubs. The Wide Bay club invited us over for the fire and a few beers which I accepted once set up. Registrations for trip opened at 5pm so I went and registered for the Forest Run which was a run along the boundary of the park. The trips had been organised by the Brisbane 4WD club, most were inside the park. Once back at camp I went over to the fire and enjoyed the company of the Wide Bay Burnett 4x4 club, based at Hervey Bay. Some of their members had gone to the camp oven meal, returning saying it was a very good lamb stew on rice. Peter from River City also said it was a good meal with only about 70 people attending. After I had consumed my steak I returned to the fire, it was a clear night and the afternoon breeze had dropped the temp so I appreciated the fire. Once we had downed a few beers and told some big stories it was time for bed.

Sunday 5 October
Most of the morning trips started at 8.30am so with sunrise at 6am it was an easy morning. Boxxy had decided to come with me while Bronnie had a good book to read. We lined up for the trip with 3 Jeeps, numerous Gu’s, a hilux, and Pete’s mighty Trooper. Not having a site map and the website map being too small to see I have no idea where we went, but we followed orange arrows mapped out on trees. It was a moderate run. I had just put new Kumho KL71 muds on the Jackaroo and was very impressed with how they went compared to worn A/T’s. Pete tried to get the troopie to lie over but with plenty of ballast he got thru with some minor damage to the rear bar. (Bronnie inset pic here please). We passed the famous Camp Road where a GU was going down with much crunching and grinding. We arrived back at camp by 11.30am. After some lunch Boxxy started setting up the Sat dish to watch the NRL Grand Final. The TV cable had shorted out and needed some repair which took some time. By this time I went on the afternoon trip planned and left him to the technology.

The afternoon run was Grizzly’s run, run of course by Grizzly himself from the Brisbane 4WD club. Once again it was a moderate course with some harder options. There were some 15 trucks in this trip once again jeeps, GU’s, a Prado, hilux new and old and a 60 series wagon. We headed to Hilux Hill which was conquered by the hiluxes but beat an open diff GU. On the way back we stopped for some fire wood near Camp Rd. We arrived back at camp by 4pm. Boxxy had the TV going and was watching the curtain raiser, Panthers vs. NQ Pride. It was time for a beer. There were no other events organised so we watched the final and ate dinner thanks to Bronnie. After the final had finished I joined the Wide Bay club again around the fire for a couple of beers and debriefing from the day. Most of them would be on the road early due to the 4 hours trip home.

Monday 6 October
Monday morning dawned and it was another beautiful day. Everyone around us had started to packing up so after breakfast it was time to do so. Most had left the camp site by 11am when I left; it was a dusty drive back to Jimna where I aired up. There was a lot of traffic around Kilcoy but most had gone by Woodford. I met up with Anita a Wamuran so did not travel back on the highway until 6pm, when traffic was flowing freely. The weekend was a PR exercise for the Motleys, many clubs are now expecting a good Corroboree next year and I know we will be able to deliver. For me it was my first visit to LCMP and I know I will need to go back. The camp sites down on the river look great.     
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Re: 2014 Corroboree
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2014, 07:11:31 PM »
sounds like you had a good weekend Ian  8) Looking forward to seeing a few pics....good to hear the other clubs sound excited about next years event already.
I've been to LCMP numerous times before myself, so wasn't real fussed about going back there again. It's a nice enough park to drive around, everything from easy to extreme to be found, but during the week would be best time to visiit to avoid the clowns that tend to frequent the place on a weekend.
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Re: 2014 Corroboree
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2014, 08:24:49 AM »
Not many photos worth getting this weekend but here are a couple of Pete from River City on the trip I did with Ian
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