The very first trip was started on the 4wd action forum website by scarecrow2 from Mackay. He was coming to Brisbane for the school holidays and proposed a trip to Teewah for fellow forumites.  Altogether we had 8 turn up for that initial get together, there was scarecrow2, burtbunch, low&slow, bj73lxlover, boxxy, luckyeddie, deep fry and jackakiwis.  Although only low&slow and the jacakiwis were known to each other before this trip, this group seemed to click from the start.

After the success of the Teewah adventure, Burtbunch organized a weekend bush camping at Peachtrees in the Jimna State Forest on the 7th - 10th November.  Attendees on that trip were Burtbunch, Boxxy, low&slow, mikey0211, doublediffa, bj73lxlover and 4x4shrek.  Again the trip was a success and coupled with a little 4wding and exploring, was the chance to catch a car rally tearing through the scrub of the forest, great arvo that, sitting up on the banks of the forest, beer in hand and watching the rally cars come through.

It was after this trip that Burty started throwing around the idea of naming our little group and after a lot of backwards and forwards banter the Motley’s were born.

Day trips was next on the agenda and by now The Motleys were getting their name out and about in the forum and it seemed like all and sundry wanted to be a Motley. Condamine Gorge was our destination on Sunday 30th November and was started by Boxxy.  Although this was still not an official “Motley” trip (the trip was organized before the naming) – 27 cars (too many to remember) in total turned up for this sedate little run through from Boonah to Kilkivan and by all accounts everyone had a ball.  Low&slow was late as usual but after catching up joined in the fun.  Lunch was had at Queen Mary Falls and some ventured on the walk to the falls themselves while others less adventurous (boxxy) looked after the vehicles.

Our first “officially titled Motley Trip” was for a weekend camping at Bigriggen organized on the forum this time by Low&slow.  This was only a small turnout being a little too close to Xmas for some.  In attendance this time was low&slow, boxxy (first time in his new camper) Rumpig, Jackakiwis and Aussie2000 who after discovering he had left his tent poles at home, camped in the annexe of boxxy’s new setup for the first night.  He was saved the second night when his dad arrived with the tent poles he had so carefully left on his workshop bench.

It was after this that the Motley concept started to gain momentum and a small trip over the Xmas/New Year was mooted on the forum by Low&slow for a meet at Kinkuna Beach – only 4 could make this one, Low&slow, Boxxy, Bj73lxlover and Aussie but with the setting right on the beach and some sand 4wding to do it was a great 4 days.

Aussie was the next one to organize a forum trip under the Motley banner and Mt Mee was the destination this time for a day trip.  With people literally PM’ing Aussie after the trip was closed we knew this one would be huge.  21 vehicles in total did this one, and Mikey0211 led the way (with a little help from The Dirty Weekend Guide).  We had quite a few on this trip ask how they too could become “A Motley”.

So it was after this trip and the fact that responses to Motley Trips were so popular that a few of the guys that had kept things going decided it may be time to formally adopt The Motley Crew concept and form a club.

On the 15th February 2009 a meeting was held at Boxxy’s place and all in attendance voted to form a club and become incorporated and affiliate with 4wd Qld.  A committee was elected and the club was born. 

The members that founded this club were Carey and Nicole Burt (Burty), Craig and Kyntena Martin (Low&Slow),Mal and Leanne Leeon (Rumpig), Rick and Bronwynne Bradley (Boxxy),Glen and Amanda Wright (MrMac GU),Eddie Lewis (Eddie) and Ben and Jenny Mason (Aussie) 

Incorporation was formalized on March 6th 2009 and at our following meeting on March 15th at Rumpigs place, the Secretary Mr. Jeff Chase of 4wd Qld attended to outline our next steps in affiliating with the state body.

Finally after 3 months hard work by everyone involved in getting all the formalities done we were formally accepted as a club into 4wd Qld on Thursday 26th March 2009.

And that is how we came about!!!

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