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Mt Barney round 2
« on: September 27, 2016, 06:13:01 AM »

We had Michael, Sam, Sandy, Denis, Andrew and myself head up to Mt Barney on Friday night.

We sat around the fire pit on Friday night with Ben and some of his guest, listening to radio for the Cowboys and Sharks game and also to get reports on the Swans and Cats game. As per normal Michael and myself were the last people to go to bed.

Saturday morning after breakfast Michael, Sam, Andrew, Ben and myself packed the trailer up with wiper snippers, chainsaws, shovels, axes and pruning saws. Ben lead us down to an area he wanted to make into a bush camp. After showing us what Ben wanted to achieve in the area we started to hacking and clearing the area.

We had Andrew with his laytarner cut axe cut the laytarner down with every struck, Michael was on the wiper snipper, Ben had the poison for the laytarner bushes and I was on the chainsaw. With in a three and half hours we had the area cleared and made a fire pit with some large rocks. Ben was it would have taken all day but we were finished by lunch time. Ben was very happy with area we had built.

We packed the trailer back up and headed back to camp for lunch. After lunch Michael Sam, Andrew and myself took the trailer down towards the gorge to get some fire wood. We had the trailer packed up with fire wood in no time. When we got back to camp Michael and Andrew started the fire in the pizza oven.

After a few hours there was enough heat in the pizza oven to start baking pizzas.  We sat around the fire eating pizzas having a few drinks listening to the Storm and Raiders game on the radio. Some of us had an early night the others had another late night.

I woke up early on Sunday morning to see a colourful rainbow over the camp site. After a quick coffee I headed off Spotlight at Browns Plains to meet up with everyone that was coming on the newbies and sponsors day.