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The Motley Crew 4wd and Social Club has adopted the below ratings in line with 4wd QLD and national classifications. While these ratings cover all manner of trips from social to extreme trips, The Motley Crew do not sanction extreme trips or trips that cause intentional vehicular or environmental damage.

It should be considered that while all endeavours are made to rate a trip accurately unforeseen circumstances can change conditions (eg wet weather). If at any time you are uncomfortable or not confident with the conditions or an obstacle on a trip simply notify the trip leader. We as a club do not attempt a track or obstacle without all members of the trip being comfortable.

Track Ratings: 

 Track Conditions Green Circle



(Sealed and Unsealed roads) GREEN CIRCLE 

UHF Radio 
Must be road registered 
Legal spare tyre 
Wheel brace and jack to suit your vehicle  
Track Conditions Blue Square



(Tracks and Beach) BLUE SQUARE

As above + 
High range 4wd 
Recovery points, front and rear 
Rated D shackles 
Snatch strap rated for your vehicle  
Track Conditions Black Diamond



(Rutted and steep tracks, wet tracks) BLACK DIAMOND

As above + 
A/T or better tyres 
Low range 4wd 
Air Compressor  
Track Conditions Double Black Diamond


Very Difficult


As above + 
Mud tyres 
Winch and straps 
Diff Locks  



(Extended stays away from home of 5 nights or more) 


As above +
A/T or better tyres 
Puncture repair kit or spare tubes 
Emergency spares to suit your vehicle (Radiator hoses, fan belts etc ) 
Fire Extinguisher 
First aid kit 
Drinking water and food provisions 






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The Motley Crew Membership

There are two levels of membership to the Motley Crew:-

  1. Forum Member
  2. Full Financial Member

Regardless of the membership level there is a common passion that ties all of us together – 4wding, camping and enjoying the great outdoors.

Forum Members

Forum membership is free to anyone who shares the common interests of 4wding, camping and the great outdoors. Forum members can:-

  • Share information and stories with other forum members
  • Attend up to two club trips as a visitor
  • Attend club meetings as a visitor

Full Financial Members

By becoming a full financial member you have access to the following benefits:

  • Nationally recognised 4wd driver training program
  • Ability to vote in club meetings and the AGM.
  • Ability to be nominated for official club positions on both the club committee and the trip committee
  • Access to the chat box on the forum where you can chat with each other in real time on the website
  • Access to the "Members only" boards on the forum. This includes the Private trip and social event board.
  • Access to the Motley Arcade on the website where you can battle each other to achieve the best high scores in our arcade game collection.

Plus all the benefits that come with being a member of a 4wd QLD affiliated club. 

Below is an extract from our club bylaws that relates to club membership. The full club constitution and by laws can be found here

Membership requirements listed below are as found in The Motley Crew By-Laws

Membership Form

The application form to become a full financial member can be submitted by clicking on: The Motley Crew Application for Membership.

1. Membership

Club membership shall be open to all persons who are interested in the same activities of this club’s members

Membership classes are as per our constitution (rule 5) and the children of members are considered Mini Motleys, who upon attaining the age of 18 must if they wish to remain in the club apply as a separate ordinary Member.

1(a) New membership

The application for membership shall :

(a) be made in writing on the application form available on line or from the Membership Officer or Secretary.

(b) be lodged with the Membership Officer of the club, in person, at a General Meeting of the Club, by pre-paid post, or by email and be accompanied by the prescribed membership fee applicable to the type of membership applied for.

Nominations received by the Membership Officer will be recorded in the Membership Register. 1(b) Acceptance of Membership

Before a membership can be accepted by the club, the applicant/s must have fulfilled the following conditions:

(i) Attended a General Meeting of the club.

(ii) Attended, as a driver, one trip conducted as part of the club’s trip agenda..

(iii) Has committed to successfully complete an accredited 4wd training course conducted by the club or any other nationally recognised training facility within 3 calendar months of membership acceptance. (not applicable if member already holds and can produce original copy of attainment)

Once the Nomination has fulfilled the requirements specified above the application for membership will be mentioned at the next meeting of the club.

During this meeting the Membership Officer will advise the members that:-

The applicant has completed the requirements of these by laws

The meeting must decide whether to accept or reject the application.

If a majority of the members present at the meeting vote to accept the applicant as a member, the applicant must be accepted as a member for the class of membership applied for.

Failure to complete 2 (iii) without reasonable grounds may lead to your membership being reviewed by the committee

The secretary of the club must, as soon as practicable after the meeting decides to accept or reject an application, give the applicant a written notice of the decision.

1(c) Close Register of Membership

The Committee may, from time to time and upon giving written or electronic notice to the members, close the register of members for a total period of not more than 6 months in any membership year, or for such other period as the Club, by resolution in an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting, may determine.

1(d) Membership Fees (i) New Membership

The membership fee for new memberships are:

$70 per annum Family Membership $70 per annum Single Membership 

(ii) Membership Renewal

$70 per annum Family membership $70 per annum single membership

Fees paid before or on 30th June each year will attract a $20 early payment discount

The membership fee can be reviewed by the committee at any time.

Membership renewals are due and payable by midnight 30th June each year

Applications for membership received after the 31st March of each year may incur a reduced subscription fee as decided by the Committee.

To become a full member, please contact our Membership Officer or our Sergeant at Arms from the Contact Us page.

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How to become a club sponsor

Being a sponsor of the Motley Crew exposes your company to a large online presence that is actively involved in the community.

Our site receives in well over 100,000 hits per month and in excess of 1000 hits per day with our current record sitting just shy of 9500 (19/06/2012) hits in a SINGLE DAY!

In addition to our website promotion, The Motley Crew club shirts are branded with the logo's of our sponsors.

The "Motley's" proudly wear their club shirts to events, trips and meetings giving even more exposure to the wider community.

For further information on how to become a Motley Crew sponsor, contact either:
  • Treasurer (Callsign: "Dixie")
  • Sergeant at Arms (Callsign: "Chucky13")
  • President (Callsign: "D.J.")

via the contact us link on our Home page.
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Motley Crew Etiquette, Constitution and By-Laws

Here you will find the basic Forum Code of Conduct, Formal Constitution and the by-laws for the Motley Crew 4wd and Social Club of Australia. While our focus is to get out on the tracks and enjoy the great Australian Outdoors we have to have these guidelines to meet our legal obligations as well as our social obligations to club members to try and make the club fair and welcoming to all.

Code of Conduct

The Forum Code of Conduct is a basic set of guidelines for the interaction on the forum. This document applies to all member classes and should be used as a common sense guide to forum use.

Click Here to Download 


The Constitution is the back bone of our club and is registered with fair trading as our legal charter.

Click Here to Download



The By-Laws are the framework that is set by the clubs committee and may change from time to time. These are designed to carry the theme of the constitution but deal with the more defined aspects of the club such as membership and trips.

Click Here to Download



Forum Etiquette was last updated 28/02/2013
Constitution was last updated 2/12/2014
By-Laws were last updated 26/06/2013
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